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Know which subject scores high in JEE Main

Know which subject scores high in JEE Main
Getting a good score in JEE Main is not just about how much hard work one puts in, but is as much about how smartly one goes about one’s preparation. In the normal case, a candidate has the option to go equally hard at all the subjects or, identify a high scoring subject and try to squeeze the maximum marks. With JEE Main syllabus being vast, giving the three subjects equal treatment however is no less a herculean task for many. Also in our analysis of how candidates fare in JEE Main, we found that Chemistry is the most scoring subject with the average score being more than 35 marks; Mathematics on the other hand is the most difficult to score off averaging a little over 25. For the analysis, we used a good sample size of candidates who appeared in JEE Main 2017 Paper I to check and gauge the scoring patterns for subjects. A key takeaway then for candidates would be the knowledge of which subject scores high in JEE Main.

Why is it important to know which subject scores high in JEE Main?

As per our analysis, Chemistry is the subject that can fetch maximum scores, followed by Physics and Maths. Now consider a scenario where a candidate is not aware of this fact and spends little time preparing for Chemistry questions. Instead say the candidate spends a bulk of the time preparing for Mathematics and Physics, as they are his/her favourite subjects. As you can see the candidate will miss a golden opportunity to score some easy marks, which in turn will bring down his/her chances of getting a good seat through JEE Main.
In contrast, if the candidate knows which subject scores high in JEE Main, this could help in planning a better exam strategy which in turn could pay off with a good B.Tech seat in one of the NITs.
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Finding out which subject is easy to score off

To find out which is the subject in JEE Main Paper I that will fetch more scores, we used a good sized sample of candidates who had appeared in JEE Main 2017. We first calculated the subject-wise total aggregate marks. Next we calculated the average score of candidates in each subject – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The average score is the most crucial data point as it allowed us to identify the subject that is more scoring. To know more, consult the table below.
Subject-wise scoring pattern of JEE Main Candidates
Total Aggregate Marks of candidates in sample
Average Score
Average Total Score in three subjects
Key takeaways from the analysis of paper I
  • Among the three subjects, Chemistry is the easiest to score off. Mathematics was the most difficult, while Physics was sandwiched between the two.
  • Being the easiest subject, no candidate should neglect Chemistry as it will otherwise severely limit the chances of scoring a good rank in JEE Main.
  • The fact that Chemistry is the easiest or most scoring also doesn’t mean that the candidate ignore other subjects and focus only on it. The other two subjects also have a meaningful contribution to the total score for the candidate to get a good rank.
  • When making a study schedule for the exam, the candidate needs to consider the scoring potential for each paper. For example, a candidate who is comfortable with Mathematics should also try to accommodate Chemistry and Physics as well. This way the scoring opportunities of the candidate will go up. Conversely, a candidate who is at home with Chemistry may need to put in a little bit more effort to get score even higher.
Analysis of Paper II
We also did an analysis of paper II to find out the most scoring subject and which is the least. The results were along expected lines. Like in Paper I, Mathematics turned out to the most difficult subject. On an average candidates were scoring only 18.3 marks in this paper. Drawing test came in second at 31.12. The Aptitude paper turned out to be the real saviour for most candidates with the average scores going over 130. So, if you are appearing for JEE Main paper II you now know which paper to target to score heavily. Please refer the table below to check the full details.
Subject-wise scoring pattern in Paper II
Total Aggregate Marks of candidates in sample
Average Score Per Candidate
Average Total Score in three subjects
Aptitude Test
Drawing Test
Key takeaways of analysis of Paper II
  • Mathematics is the toughest subject to score in paper II. Aptitude is the easiest, followed by Drawing test
  • The average marks scored by candidates in Mathematics are 18.304. The low scoring pattern of the paper can demotivate the candidate, but interestingly to get a good rank in paper II it is sort of mandatory for candidates to do well in this subject. The reason is to get an edge over the others considering that all candidates tend to fare well in the Aptitude test – the average score of 130 out of 200 is a proof of that.